A Royal Welcome is the first half of the 16th episode from Season 11 and the first half of the 20th episode from Season 14 of Barney & Friends.


Barney receives a letter from his friend - Old King Cole that says that he is coming to visit their caboose. Barney suggested that they make him feel right at home. When Old King Cole arrives to the caboose, he is impressed by everyone's preparations that Barney and Old King Cole danced to the greatest dance numbers ever performed by Victor, Gage, Landon and Elijah.


  • Barney (Voice: Dean Wendt, Costume: Carey Stinson)
  • Old King Cole (DeWyane Hambrick) (Guest Appearance)
  • Victor (Nathaniel Quijano)
  • Gage (Chase Ellison) (only appearance)
  • Landon (Hunter Knoche)
  • Elijah (Carey Rodriguez) (only appearance)

Song ListEdit

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