Barney's Big Great Adventures Edit

"Barney's Big Great Adventures!" (also knon as "Barney's Big Great Adventures: The Movie")


  • Barney (Voice: Bob West, Duncan Brannan, Tim Dever, Dean Wendt,Avi Termin, Kini Fridelander)

  • Barney (Body: N/A)

  • Baby Bop (Voice: Julie Johnson)

  • Baby Bop (Body: N/A)

  • BJ (Voice: Patty Wirtz)

  • BJ (Body: N/A)

  • Riff (Voice: Michaela Dietz)
  • Riff (Body: N/A)
  • The Kids (N/A)
  • The Teens (N/A)
  • The Zoomers (N/A)
  • The Fetchers (N/A)
  • The Ruffman's (N/A)
  • The Kidz Bop Gang (N/A)
  • Ensembles (N/A)
  • The Humans (N/A)
  • Teenage Girl (Deborah Popp)
  • Ms Etta Kette (Bruce Armstorng)
  • Wags the Dog (Costume: N/A/Voice: Mic Conway, Jeff Fatt, Paul Field, Paul Paddick, Lachland Gillispie, Dominic Field) (cameo)
  • Henry The Octopus (Costume: N/A/Voice: Anthony Field, Jeff Fatt, Paul Paddick) (cameo)
  • Dorothy The Dinosaur (Body: N/A/Voice: Paul Filed, Murray Cook, Emma Buter Carolyn Ferrie, Elisha Burke, Charli Robinson, Jacqueline Field, Zoe Velez, Anna Lee Robertson, Emma Wartkins, Jennfier Andrade, Emma Pask, Caterina Mete, Clare Field, Paul Paddick) (cameo)
  • Russell The Muscley Kangaroo (Body: N/A/Body: Murray Bartllett, Mal Heap)
  • Tickle The Doodat (Body: N/A/Voice: Fiona Wylatt, Kirsten Butts)
  • Wee Sing Characters (N/A)
  • Twinken the Dream Maker (Linty Karachi)
  • Scooter (Todd Duffey)
  • Booker T.Bookworm (Earl Fisher)
  • Ricky
  • Nicky
  • Harold
  • Billy Biggle (Julene Renee And Frat Fuller)
  • Ruby Biggle Julene Renee And N/A)
  • Freckles (Jetta E.Q. And Kim Harris)
  • Teletubbies Characters:

    Tinky Winky…………….N/A




The Wiggles

Yellow Wiggles (Greg Page, Sam Moran, And Emma Watkins)

Red Wiggles (Murray Cook And Simon Pryce)

Captain Feathersword (Paul Paddick)

Blue Wiggles (Anthony Field And Tony Phillips)

Purple Wiggles (Jeff Fatt And Brad Carroll)

Hi-5: N/A

Jup-Jups: N/A

Chats: N/A

Tinka: Sarah McKenzie

The Bookworms: N/A

The Hooley Dooleys: N/A

Sesame Street Gang: N/A

Voice castEdit

Voiced charactersEdit

Unvoiced characters:Edit

Face Characters:Edit

Princess Jasmine

Music and Audio Cassette and SoundtrackEdit

  • Main Article: Barney's Big Great Adventures: The Movie



Barney's Big Great Adventures PreviewsEdit

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