Barney's Castle Adventure! is a Barney Special that was released on VHS on January 15, 1992. Before it was released on VHS, it aired on PBS in January 7th. To see the UK version, click here.


Barney recieves a letter from his friend - Old King Cole and it says that he is coming to visit their school. Barney suggests that the kids should make him feel right at home. Barney, Tina, Michael, Derek and Kathy dressed up in royal clothing and they said the magic words "Shimabree, Shimabrah" together. When Old King Cole arrives, the kids performed the popular dance numbers ever performed by Barney's guests. Old King Cole even invites Barney, Tina, Michael, Derek and Kathy to his castle where they ride pretend horses. The kids had a race with their pretend horses, so Barney and Old King Cole watch the whole thing and the winner was Kathy.


Song ListEdit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I'm a Little Robot
  3. [[