Barney's Christmas Adventure is a Barney special released on March 15, 1998. On January 9, 2007, it was rereleased on DVD, five years after the previous DVD rerelease on 2002.


It is Christmas Eve! Because Christmas Day is almost here! And wait until you see. Who you see there. Welcome to The North Pole. The most exciting, stu-u-u-pendous, most excllent Christmastime ever to come to home video. So use your imagination. And get ready to sing your favourite Christmas songs and get ready to go on a train ride in the toy factory of the North Pole express. And, can BJ and Baby Bop fly on a sleigh with Santa? Yes. Barney's Christmas Adventure. Now on Home Video from Lyrick Studios. To join the Barney Fan Club, and subscribe to the Barney Magazine. Call 1-800-862-2763 to Barney.

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