Barney's Fun & Games: Your Wheel to Fun!
Release Date November 27, 1998
Written by

Stephen White

Barney's Fun & Games: Your Wheel to Fun! is a Barney Home Videos that was released on November 27, 1998 It's a semi-remake of the 1996 Home Video "Barney's Fun & Games" To see their lines, click here.

Plot Edit

Barney brings out his Game Machine for an afternoon of fun. But when the machine is empty; Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the kids look for toys and games to put into it. After the machine is filled with games, Also, the chase takes everyone to "Barney's A Very Merry Circus" with fun-loving clowns and some dancing bears. After the circus ends, the chase continues until Pop Wheely confesses that he took the Wheel for everyone to play with him. After his confession, he remembers the kids turn the crank and out comes one big gameboard filled with fun and surprises! and then asks them to use their imaginations to make the balloon and confetti drop on the gameboard bigger After the unveiling of the then bigger party, Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, Santa, and the kids wrap up the video.


Song ListEdit


Release DatesEdit

  • November 27, 1998 (Lyrick Studios version)
  • August 14, 2000 (Lyrick Studios version)
  • March 9th, 2002 (HiT Entertainmet Version)
  • April 14, 2002 (Nick Jr/Paramount Version)
  • August 9th, 2002 (Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Version)


The film received overwhelmingly negative reviews from film critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently has a "Rotten" score of 55%, based on 27 reviews with only 11 fresh reviews, and a rating of a 20 out of 60 though the former award was tied with Ringmaster.

Preview TranscriptEdit

  • Maurice the Magician the announcer: So Look For Watching "Barney's Fun & Games: Your Wheels to Fun!" It All New from Lyrick Studios.

Barney's Fun & Games: Your Wheel to Fun! PreviewsEdit



  • 2001 Lyrick Studios FBI Warning
  • 2003 Lyrick Studios Interpol Warning
  • Lyrick Studios Logo (1998-2001)
  • Please Stay Tuned Following This Presentation For Previews of Other Barney Home Videos screen (1995-1999)
  • Barney Home Video Classic Collection Logo (1995-present)
  • Barney and Friends Intro
  • Barney's Fun & Games: Your Wheel to Fun! Title Card



End CreditsEdit

  • Executive Producers: Dennis DeShazer
  • Producer: Martha Datea Limpcombs
  • Director: Bruce Deck
  • Writer: Stephen White
  • Production Designer: Jess Nelson
  • Composer/Musical Director: Bob Singleton
  • Associate Director: Eric Smith
  • Perfomnce Director: Penny Wilson
  • Edacational Specialists: Margie Larsen M Ed
  • Cast
  • Mera Baker
  • Angel Velasco
  • Erica Rhodes
  • Chase Gallatin
  • Austin Ball
  • Lana Whittington
  • Gene Raye Price
  • Grant James
  • Alex Bruce
  • Cathy Jones
  • David Kendall
  • Marisa Kuers
  • Brian Eppes
  • Grayson Lee Vanover
  • Jeffrey Hood
  • Hannah Owens
  • Becky Swonke
  • Jessica Zucha
  • Leah Gloria
  • Rickey Carter
  • Alexander Jhin
  • Henry Hammack
  • Jeanne Cairns
  • Production Manager:
  • Sandra Jantzen
  • Associate Director:
  • Mark Anderson
  • Stage Manager:
  • Elizabeth Velten
  • Wardrobe Supervisor Designer:
  • Lisa O. Albertson
  • Manager of Music Services:
  • Jill Hance
  • Lightning Designer and Director:
  • Sharon Blair
  • Post Production Supervisor:
  • David Baertsch
  • Editor:
  • McKee Schmidt
  • Audio Director:
  • David Boothe
  • Technical Operations Supervisior:
  • Randy Breelove
  • Video Engineer:
  • Bink Williams
  • Camera Opertators:
  • Greg Bailey
  • Boom Operators Production Audio:
  • Ron Balentine
  • Production Videotape:
  • Dudley Asaff
  • Production Audio Assistant:
  • Braden McDonald
  • Key Grip:
  • Buz Cannon
  • Lighting Board Operator:
  • Todd Davis
  • Best Boy Electric:
  • James Edwards
  • Scenic Designer:
  • Larry Allens
  • Associate Production Designer
  • Terrie Davis
  • Assistant to Preformance Director:
  • David Voss
  • Set Dresser:
  • Aggie Brooks
  • Props/Special Effects:
  • David Cobbs
  • Leadman:
  • Tim Thomason
  • Storyboards:
  • Jimmy Ellis
  • Makeup Designs:
  • Jimi White
  • Hair Stylist:
  • Debra Hertle Haefling
  • Script Supervisor: Catherine Reynolds
  • Production Coordinators: Kelly Maher
  • Construction Supervisor: Charles Bailey
  • Costume Shop Supervisor: Ray Henry
  • Art/Craft Coordinator: Amy Atherton
  • Construction Foreman: Bennie Miles
  • Carpenters: Ed Larson
  • Swing Crew: Carmelo Gomez
  • Scenic Painters: Mike Rainey
  • Costume Shop Manager: Georgia Ford Wagenhurst
  • Costume Sewing: Susie Thennes
  • Costume/Wardrobe Assistants: Kristen Schaffner
  • Costume Technician: Chris Reedy
  • Post Production Engineering: James Johnson
  • Dialogue Editor: Deborah Cornish
  • Post Production Audio: Craig Chastain
  • Special Video Effects: Reel FX, Inc
  • Senior Accountant: Randy Dalton
  • Production Accountant: Debbie Cottle
  • Assistant Accountant: John Brooks
  • Production Secretary: Austin Gray
  • Production Assistant: Joel Zoch
  • Production Intern: Diana Romaine
  • For Singleton Inc: Jeff Gittle
  • Children's Teacher: Sandra Gilpin
  • Children's Supervisor: D'Wayne Hull
  • Field Production: Duane Condor
  • Security Coordinator: Jim Elrod
  • EMT Coordinator: Bobby Butler
  • Associate Music Director: Dave Conner
  • Production Supervisor: Frieda Lipp
  • Editing Supervisor: Robert J. Emerick
  • Associate Directors: Cher Jung, Diane P. Mitchell
  • Production Designer: Victor Di Napoli
  • Costume Designers: Terry Roberson
  • Graphic Designer: Mike Pantuso
  • Set Decorator: Nat Mongioi
  • Music Coordination
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Sound Effects: Dick Maitland
  • Audio Video and Cameras: Dave Driscoll
  • Videotape Editor: John R. Tierney
  • Electronic Maintenance: Rolf Wahl
  • Make-up: Lee Halls
  • Hair Stylist: Karen Specht
  • Wardrobe: Colleen Roe
  • Assistant Vice President, Production Research: Valeria Lovelace, Ph.D.
  • Vice President for Research: Keith W. Miekle, Ph.D.
  • Chairman, Board of Advisors: Ph.D. Gerald S. Lesser, Ph.D.
  • Vice President for Production: Franklin Getchell
  • Facilities by Unitel Video, Inc.
  • Childern's Teacher
  • Sandra Gilpin
  • Field Production
  • Duane Condor
  • Vocal Performances Enhanced With Help From Singleton Productions Inc.
  • "I Love You" Lyrics by Lee Bernstien (BMI)
  • Original Barney, Baby Bop and B,J. costumes by Irene Corey Design Associates
  • For Television Produced By
  • Barney Home Videos Logo
  • Lyrick Studios Logo
  • The Lyons Groups
  • Connecticut Public Television
  • Excutive in Charge
  • Richard C. Leach
  • Barney & The Backyard Gang were originally developed by Sheryl Leach, Kathy Parker and Dennis DeShazer
  • Barney & Friends-Barney's Fun & Games: Your Wheel to Fun!
  • Copyright 1997 + Lyons Partnership, L.P.

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