Barney's Greatest Hits is a Barney Clip Show that was released on November 30, 1998. It is a clip show of Season 5 episodes. It was re-released on DVD on August 15, 2006. To see the lines, click here.

Available on DVD: Yes (even though some 3 songs from the VHS release were cut)

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Are you ready to go to sing some songs with Barney? Then, sing along with Barney!!!!!! Can you do "Old King Cole"? Don't miss Barney's Greatest Hits from Lyrick Studios.

Song ListEdit

VHS Version (1998) Edit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Castles So High (Scene Taken from: A Royal Welcome)
  3. Three Little Butterfiles (Scene Taken from: Books are Fun)
  4. Wave the Flags (Scene Taken from: A Royal Welcome)
  5. London Bridge (Scene Taken from: A Royal Welcome)
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