Barney's Pretend Castle: Just Use Your Imagination (also known as Barney's Marvellous Castle! in the UK) is a Barney Home Video that was released on February 19, 1998. It was rereleased on DVD on April 13, 2007. To see their lines, click here.

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It begins with two kids named Keesha and Robert making a royal sandcastle with Jeff in his backyard. Ashley opened the front gate with Barney (still a stuffed doll). Jeff tells Ashley that he invite her to come outside to play in his backyard. Keesha, Robert, Jeff and Ashley both sang The Noble Duke of York". Ashley wishes if they can visit a real castle someday. Barney comes to life and he asks if he can take them to a real castle right now. Barney, Keesha, Robert, Jeff and Ashley both sang "Castles So High". Barney tells the kids that the long way to the castle is in the magical forest is through that back gate.