Barney's second stage show tour was released on 16 April 1992.


Barney and his friends performed at Universal Orlando Resort.

Song ListEdit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Barney Theme Song (Reprise) (Performed by: Barney)
  3. Everyone is Special (Performed by: Barney)
  4. We are Barney and Friends (Performed by: Barney, Michael, Derek, Shawn and BJ)
  5. BJ's Street Dance (Performed by: BJ)
  6. Down at Grandma's Farm (Performed by: Barney and Michael)
  7. The Airplane Song (Performed by: BJ)
  8. Bubble, Bubble Shower (Performed by: Barney)
  9. Down By the Station (Performed by: Barney)
  10. BJ's Song (Performed by: BJ)
  11. My Papa Came Back (Performed by: Barney)
  12. When I Grow Up (Performed by: Kids)
  13. Sally the Camel (Performed by: Michael)
  14. Where is Thumbkin (Performed by: Michael)
  15. Where is Family (Performed by: Michael)
  16. Mr. Knickerbocker (Performed by: BJ)
  17. A Little Cabin In The Forest Green (Performed by: Michael)
  18. The Grand Ole Flag (Performed by: Barney)
  19. Forest Medley
  20. I Love You (Performed by: Barney)

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