The UK DVDs of Barney were made from 1997 to 2006.

  1. "Barney's Adventure Bus"
  2. "Barney's Great Adventure: the Movie"
  3. "Fun in the State Fair: Feature Length Special"
  4. "Barney's Night Before Christmas"
  5. "You Can Count on Me"
  6. "Barney's Christmas Moment: Feature Length Special"
  7. "Barney's Marvellous Concert, Live!"
  8. "No Matter What the Name"
  9. "Let's Go to the Zoo"
  10. "Barney's Beach Party"
  11. "The Land of Wonderland"
  12. "Barney's Christmas Party"
  13. "Songs from the Park"
  14. "Read with Me, Dance with Me"
  15. "Barney's Marvellous Manners"
  16. "Happy, Mad, Silly, Sad"
  17. "Moving and Grooving"
  18. "Let's Pretend with Barney"
  19. "Barney's Colourful World, Live!"
  20. "Let's Go to the Farm: Feature Length Special"
  21. "Write with Me, Sing with Me: Feature Length Special"
  22. "The Land of Make-Believe: Feature Length Special"
  23. "Sing that Song"
  24. "Let's Go to the Fair"
  25. "Barney's Fantasy Circus!: Feature Length Special"
  26. "Let the Games Begin"
  27. "All About Animals: Feature Length Special"
  28. "We Love Our Grandparents: Feature Length Special"

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