The UK cast goes to Old King Cole's castle to have a party with Barney (still a stuffed doll). Barney comes to life, he takes Robert, Chip, Jeff and Stephen to Old King Cole's castle for a party. BJ was at the king's castle. Old King Cole wants BJ to stay at the castle with him for even long.

Song ListEdit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Castles So High
  3. Wave the Flags
  4. Lavender's Blue
  5. Castle Medley
  6. London Bridge
  7. Old King Cole
  8. The Land of Ole King Cole
  9. Castles So High (Reprise)
  10. The Barney Bag
  11. If All the Raindrops
  12. Being Together
  13. Friendship Song
  14. Once Upon a Time
  15. It's Good to Be Home
  16. Castles So High (Finale)
  17. London Bridge (Reprise)
  18. Books are Fun
  19. I Love You


  • Barney
  • BJ
  • Old King Cole
  • Chip
  • Robert
  • Stephen
  • Jeff

UK CastEdit

  • Jeff
  • Robb
  • Jimmy
  • Cole


  • This group (Chip, Robert, Stephen and Jeff) both appeared in Let's Help Old King Cole, Barney's Underwater Adventure and Barney's Christmas Surprise.
  • Chip wears the same red shirt and shorts in the episode "Let's Help Old King Cole".
  • Robert wears the same shirt in You are Special and Let's Help Old King Cole and Jeff wore in Snack Time! and Let's Help Old King Cole,
  • Jeff wears the same red sweater and khaki shorts in Let's Help Old King Cole.
  • Stephen wears the same shirt in the Season 6 episode, "Let's Help Old King Cole".

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