Cold Spaghetti Western is the seventeenth Wiggles video. It's theme is the Wild West.

It was released in 2004.

Release DatesEdit

Australia: August 19, 2004

America: March 30, 2004


  1. We're the Cowboys
  2. El Pato
  3. The Wiggly Trail
  4. Listen to the Drummer Playing
  5. Let's Go to The Great Western Cafe
  6. Foodman
  7. The Master Pasta Maker From Italy
  8. Follow the Bird
  9. Fiesta Siesta
  10. Olive Oil
  11. Hey Now Let's Have a Party
  12. Cielito Lindo
  13. Farewell to the Wiggly Trail




[1]The Wiggles Logo[2]Title Card[3]The Wiggles in prologue[4]"We're the Cowboys"[5]Greg singing[6]The Wiggles and their donkeys[7]Murray and Jeff[8]Anthony singing[9]"Yippie-ti-yi-yi-ay! Whoo!"[10]The Wiggly Dancers dressed as cowboys and cowgirls[11]Cowboy Sam Moran[12]The Other Wiggles[13]The Non-realistic Wiggles[14]Wiggly Homestead[15]Jeff and Anthony bootscooting[16]The Wiggles introducing themselves[17]Greg and Anthony[18]Murray[19]The Wiggly Homestead' letter-box[20]Greg holding a Town Fair poster[21]Murray's boot[22]Greg and Murray[23]Anthony and Murray[24]The Awake Wiggles[25]The Wiggles and the pump invention[26]The Wiggles and the Mariachi family[27]The Mariachi Family[28]Fernando greeting the Wiggles[29]Fernandito, Clare and Julio[30]"El Pato"[31]Anthony playing trumpet[32]Fernandito[33]Greg, Murray and Fernando playing guitars[34]Jeff and Anthony playing music[35]Fernandito singing[36]Clare Field[37]Clare, Fernandito and Julio[38]Brett the Duck[39]Clare and Julio[40]Greg introducing "The Wiggly Trail"[41]"The Wiggly Trail"[42]Greg singing[43]Greg, Anthony and Fernando[44]Jeff[45]Anthony and Fernando[46]"On the Wiggly trail."[47]The Wiggly Dancers in their regular clothes[48]Greg and Jeff[49]Greg[50]The Wiggles and Fernando[51]Captain Feathersword playing the drums[52]The Wiggles[53]Captain Feathersword[54]"Listen to the Drummer Playing"[55]Sam and Captain[56]Greg singing[57]Captain and Brett[58]The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword[59]The Pro Wiggly Humans[60]Western map[61]The Awake Wiggly Humans[62]The Other Wiggly Humans[63]Jeff and Captain Feathersword[64]New York City[65]The Great Western Cafe[66]Dorothy and Henry[67]Henry the Octopus[68]The Wiggly Mascots[69]The Wiggles arriving at the Great Western Cafe[70]A tumbleweed[71]Murray's eyes[72]Greg's eyes[73]Anthony's eyes[74]Jeff's eyes[75]Anthony[76]"Ahoy there, me hearties."[77]The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword[78]"Let's Go to the Great Western Cafe"[79]Anthony singing[80]Greg singing[81]Captain and Greg[82]Murray and Captain[83]Anthony and Murray[84]The Awake Wiggly Humans[85]The Awake Wiggles[86]The Wiggles at the Great Western Cafe[87]The Wiggly Mascots greeting the Wiggly Humans[88]Captain Feathersword[89]Alfonso greeting The Wiggles[90]Alfonso and the Wiggly Mascots[91]Captain showing "The Great Country Cook-Off" poster[92]A picture of Boris Borscht[93]Greg and Murray[94]A picture of Stanley Sambal[95]A picture of Pierre Bon-Bon[96]The Non-realistic Wiggles[97]Jeff and Anthony[98]Anthony[99]Foodman and Anthony[100]"FOODMAN?!?"[101]"Foodman"[102]Sam, Anthony and Foodman[103]Captain Feathersword dancing[104]Larissa holding beet[105]Lucy holding zucchini[106]Tamara holding corn cobs[107]Sam and Anthony[108]Brett holding Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes[109]The Wiggly Dancers singing[110]Alfonso Rinaldi and the Wiggly Mascots[111]Alfonso Rinaldi[112]"The Master Pasta Maker From Italy"[113]Alfonso singing[114]Brett and Anthony[115]Foodman[116]The Opposite Wiggly Group, Alfonso and Foodman[117]Anthony and Foodman eating pasta[118]The Opposite Wiggly Group[119]The Non-realistic Wiggly Humans and Alfonso[120]The Wiggles, Captain and Alfonso[121]The Early Wiggly Group and Alfonso[122]The Wiggly Group and Alfonso[123]The Land Wiggly Group and Alfonso[124]The Professional Wiggly Group and Alfonso[125]The Other Wiggly Group[126]The Male Wiggly Group[127]Captain and Anthony[128]The Wiggly Group, Alfonso and the bird[129]A string is seen on the bird[130]A bird[131]The Awake Wiggly Group and Alfonso[132]The Non-realistic Wiggly Group and Alfonso[133]"Follow the Bird"[134]Murray playing Maton acoustic guitar[135]Anthony singing[136]The Unforgotten Wiggles[137]The Wiggles singing[138]Greg singing[139]The Wiggles and the olive tree[140]The Wiggles and olive oil[141]Anthony holding olive oil[142]The Wiggly Mascots at the Town Fair[143]Paul and Captain Feathersword[144]The Male Wiggle Friends[145]Town fair[146]Anthony showing olive oil to Captain Feathersword[147]The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword[148]Jeff and the Mariachi family[149]The Non-realistic Wiggly Humans[150]"Fiesta Siesta"[151]Elizabeth[152]Captain and Anthony[153]The Awake Wiggly Group[154]Jeff sleeping[155]The Mariachi Family[156]Jeff and Paul[157]Jeff waking up[158]Paul and Murray[159]Alang[160]Greg and Wags[161]Greg singing[162]Captain Feathersword dancing[163]Captain, Henry and Sam[164]Anthony and Murray[165]Atec[166]Captain, Greg and Paul[167]Anthony and Henry[168]Dorothy and Anthony[169]Captain and Henry[170]Bronwyn and Gabrielle[171]Melissa[172]John Field[173]The Wiggles at the Town Fair[174]The Unforgotten Wiggles at the Town Fair[175]Greg and Murray at the Town Fair[176]Anthony at the Town Fair[177]Julio Moguel[178]Captain Feathersword riding on the Mechanical Bull[179]Jeff, Paul and John sleeping[180]Jeff sleeping[181]Murray and his pump invention[182]Greg lassoing rope[183]Dominic Field[184]Fernando and Fernandito[185]Captain Feathersword spinning bananas[186]Anthony tossing banana[187]Anthony eating banana[188]Alfonso at the town fair[189]The Wiggles and Alfonso[190]Alfonso holding olive oil[191]The Non-realistic Wiggles at the Town Fair[192]Jeff at the Town Fair[193]"Olive Oil"[194]Greg playing classical guitar[195]Alfonso singing[196]Wags and Alfonso[197]Henry and Wags[198]Murray and Jeff playing music[199]Anthony playing Maton acoustic guitar[200]Dorothy and Alfonso dancing[201]Greg singing[202]Dorothy dancing[203]The Wiggles and Dorothy[204]The Other Wiggles[ [205

Played by:

]]Dorothy the Dinosaur[ [206

Played by:

]]Dorothy and Wags[205]Jeff catching the plate of pasta[206]The Wiggles and the plate of pasta[207]The Early Wiggly Group[208]The Male Wiggly Group[209]Alfonso and the chefs[210]The Wiggly Group[211]Boris Borscht[212]The Land Wiggly Group[213]Pierre BonBon[214]Stanley Sambal[215]The people[216]Boris, Pierre and Lucy[217]Jeff playing accordion[218]Anthony playing trumpet[219]The Opposite Wiggly Group[220]Boris, Stanley and Alfonso[221]Pierre, Boris and Stanley[222]Dorothy congratulating Alfonso[223]Anthony introducing "Hey Now, Let's Have a Party"[224]"Hey Now, Let's Have a Party"[225]Greg, Sam, Dorothy and Wags[226]Greg singing[227]Dorothy and Greg[228]Jeff and Alfonso[229]Henry and Jeff[230]Greg and Sam[231]Greg, Sam and Dorothy[232]Anthony, Murray and Fernando[233]Greg and Brett Clarke[234]Henry and Fernandito[235]Jeff and Wags[236]The Land Wiggle Friends[237]Greg, Sam and the Wiggly Mascots[238]Dorothy dancing[239]"Cielito Lindo"[240]Fernando and Fernandito[241]Brett and Alfonso[242]Greg and Jeff as mariachis[243]Greg playing blue Maton acoustic guitar[244]Greg and Murray as mariachis[245]Wags[246]Dorothy and Henry[247]Henry and Wags[248]Paul and John[249]Anthony as a mariachi[250]The Wiggles in epilogue[251]The Big Red Car[252]The Awake Wiggles in epilogue[253]The Non-realistic Wiggles in epilogue[254]The Wiggles in the Big Red Car[255]"Look, it's Foodman!"[256]Foodman waving[257]"HUH?!? HUH?!? HUH?!?"[258]Murray and Jeff in epilogue[259]"Farewell to the Wiggly Trail"[260]The Wiggles and Henry[261]The Early Wiggly Group in epilogue[262]The Wiggly Group in epilogue[263]Greg singing[264]The Wiggles in the Big Red Car passing The Great Western Cafe[265]Anthony singing[266]The Other Wiggles in epilogue[267]Greg and Jeff in epilogue[268]The Unforgotten Wiggles in epilogue[269]The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword in epilogue[270]Wags and Captain[271]Foodman in epilogue[272]Wags, Captain and Alfonso[273]Cast Credits[274]End Credits[275]Musicians Credits

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Inside coverEdit

Left sideEdit

Songs include:

  1. We're The Cowboys
  2. El Pato
  3. The Wiggly Trail
  4. Listen To The Drummer Playing
  5. Let 's Go To The Great Western Café
  6. Foodman
  7. The Master Pasta Maker (From Italy)
  8. Follow The Bird
  9. Fiesta Siesta
  10. Olive Oil
  11. Hey Now, Let's Have A Party!
  12. Cielito Lindo
  13. Farewell To The Wiggly Trail

Right sideEdit


  • This is the first video to be presented in a letterboxed format.
  • During the prologue of "Follow The Bird", a string is seen on the bird as it flies away.
  • This is the last video to be directed by Nicholas Buffalo.
  • This video was the first 2004 video to not be released in the UK.
  • In the end credits, the Wiggly Orchestra is credited in the Yamaha Instruments credit, despite not appearing. 
  • This video never appered in a TV Series.

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