Bedtime with Barney: Dino-Mite Mystery is a Barney feature film. It was released to theaters in May 6, 1994. It was released on video in October 4, 1994. It's the second video in the Classic Collection video series. The film was re-released on VHS in December 31, 1999 by Lyrick Studios. The film was released on DVD and re-released on VHS in September 28, 2004 by HiT Entertainment. The film was re-released on DVD in April 13, 2010 by HiT Entertainment and LionsGate Home Entertainment.


Go on an incredible quest with Barney, BJ, Baby Bop and their friends as they solve a mystery in Dino-Mite Mystery. When someone stole Baby Bop's blankey, Barney and his friends help her find it. On the adventure, they sing songs, find four clues and meet a new friend - Detective Tinkerputt. But will they ever find Baby Bop's blankey? Will they ever catch the thief? Find out in Dino-Mite Mystery.


Song ListEdit

  1. My Yellow Blankey
  2. Nighttime Medley: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Starlight, Star Bright/Are You Sleeping?
  3. [[

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