Jeff is a character who appeared in seasons 4-6. He is portrayed by Austin Ball.

About JeffEdit

  • His family came from the Philippines. Like Min (played by Pia Hamilton, but credited in all her appearances under Pia Manalo, her maiden name), her family came from the Philippines.
  • He lives with his mom, his dad, his older brother and his cat - Tiger. His mom, his dad and his older brother - Franco. His cat - Tiger also appeared in A Different Kind of Mystery.
  • His best friend is Stephen.


  1. Barney's Musical Game Show (1997) (first appearance)
  2. Let's Build Together (1997)
  3. A Different Kind of Mystery (1997)
  4. Good Clean Fun! (1997)
  5. Oh, Brother...She's My Sister (1997)
  6. E-I-E-I-O (1997)
  7. Trading Places (1998)
  8. [[

Jeff's FactsEdit