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Lauren King playing "Kathy"

Lauren King began her role on Barney and Friends at the age of 6 playing "Kathy", in the video "Rock with Barney" and then starred in the actual series.

One of her greatest memories was traveling to New York City to appear in the "Barney Live at Radio City Music Hall" concert. She then appeared on the 10th anniversary of Barney's video "Sing and Dance with Barney". She has been seen in lots of commercials.

Lauren/Kathy has won several awards for dance, vocal and piano. While in the 8th grade, she was a honor student and participated in school sports, drama, and music. She played basketball, track, volley ball, and soccer. She played violin in the school orchestra.


Lauren has a pet Peekapoo dog she called "Minnie"


Her favorite sports are:

  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Shopping
  • The movie "Titanic"
  • The group 'N Sync (she'd love to meet)
  • Shania Twain
  • Loves the beach
  • Loves to travel and has traveled overseas
  • Sings dances acts
  • likes doing crafts such as spin art  oragomi painting friendship braclets
  • Enjoys reading
  • Set 2 all-time records in College soccer
  • Played overseas at the Gothia Cup and received the "golden boot award" for goals scored

Kathy's FactsEdit

  • Her first appearance was in the Barney and the Backyard Gang video "Rock with Barney" (1992)
  • Her first appearance in the TV series was in the Episode "My family's just right for me" (1992)
  • Her last appearance was in the episode "Ship Ahoy" (1995)
  • Kathy's favorite Toy is her Teddy bear
  • She lives with her mom and Nana
  • She loves to sing and dance
  • She comes back for the Barney reunion special "Sing and Dance with Barney" (1998)
  • shes kind and sweet
  • likes to watch goood luck charlie
  • favorite color purple red and of course pink
  • favorite hobbies playing with pets jump roping hop scotch
  • loves being in the show and is very cute
  • is an awesome friend
  • likes to read full house and the babysitters books


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