Let's Go To The Bear Hunt is a 12th episode from Season 6 of Barney & Friends on September 8, 1996.




Baby Bop (cameo)






1.Barney Theme Song

2.Me And My Teddy

3.Let's Go

4.The Bear Hunt Part 1

5.The Bear went Over the mountain

6.The Bear Hunt Part 2

7.It Cccccccc Cold Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

8.The Bear Hunt (Reprise)

9. Other Day I Mean A Bear

10.The Barney Bag

11.The Bear Hunt (Finale)

12.It Good to Be Home


This group (Jason Carlos Tosha and Min) also appeared in "It Raining It Pouring...".

Jason wears the same clothes from It's Raining, It Pouring... And a short hair.

Carlos wears the same clothes from Shopping for A Surprise. And a short hair.

Tosha wears the same clothes from Once Upon a Time. And a pony tail.

Min wears the same clothes from Barney's Fun & Games. And a hair-style.

Barney I Love You Barney Says and End Credits (Let's Go To The Bear Hunt) Transcript

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