Let's Make Songs! is a Barney UK Video released on 16 November 2002.


The UK cast goes to the singing fair with Barney. The Barney doll comes to life, Barney cheers up a little boy named Mario. Barney and Mario goes to the fair while using his closet.

Barney and Mario got outside. Mario tells Barney that he sees no fair. BJ sees Barney and Mario outside. Barney, BJ and Mario goes to the fair. Mario gives his ticket to the ticket taker. The Singing Fair is now open! Barney, BJ and Mario sees their friend - Mr. Boyd. Mario decides that he wants to ride the roller coaster.

Mr. Boyd wanted BJ to stay at the fair for even longer. Barney takes Mario back home upstairs at his bedroom.

Barney and Mario both sang "I Love You". The UK cast and the Barney doll had at the singing fair together.

Song ListEdit

  1. You Can Count on Me
  2. The Idea Song
  3. Imagine a Place
  4. Just Imagine
  5. Adventuring at the Fair
  6. The Airplane Song
  7. You Might Try Something New
  8. Hey Look at Me, I Can Fly
  9. Mr. Knickerbocker
  10. Pop Goes the Weasel
  11. Let's Go
  12. The Elephant Song
  13. It's Good to Be Home
  14. I Love You

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