Bedtime with Barney: Make Believe Castle was an CMT prime-time special that aired on January 26, 19992. The video release of the special came out in Wednesday, July 8, 1992. On April 8, 2008, it was later re-released on DVD, six years after the previous DVD re-release on 2002. To read their lines, click here.


Barney's friends are playing with Michael in his backyard building a pretend sandcastle. When they wish they can visit a real castle someday, Barney comes to life and takes them to an echanted forest. They meet a royal guard named Bryan the Royal Guard who likes to play games and making new friends. He takes them to the next hill to the castle. He told them that the castle gate opens at 11:00 AM. They both ride on pretend horses. They meet up with Baby Bop for a royal tea party in the dining room.

Song ListEdit

  1. Castles So High

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