Series Name
Season 3, Episode 16
Air date October 2, 1995
Written by Mark Bernthal
Directed by Jim Rowley
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Room for Everyone is the sixteenth episode from Season 3 of Barney & Friends.

Plot Edit

Ashley, Danny, Gage and Julie show Barney their favorite room in the house by setting up make-believe rooms in the classroom and Gage must temporarily share his bedroom with his younger brother - Danny.

Educational Theme: Rooms in a House

Stories: Paolo and Louis: The Two Brothers

Cast Song List
  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. When I Grow Up
  3. Castles So High
  4. Just Imagine
  5. The Brother Song
  6. Alphabet Soup
  7. Brushing My Teeth
  8. Are You Sleeping?
  9. I Love You

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks:
    • The final appearances of Danny played by Kevin Zegers and Gage.
    • The only time where Danny played by Kevin Zegers and Gage went into the treehouse.
  • This group (Ashlsy, Danny, Gage and Julie) also appeared in Going Places.
  • In this episode, Ashley wore the same clothes that she wore in Twice Is Nice!, Danny (played by Kevin Zegers) wore a long-sleeve blue-and-orange striped collared shirt with dark brown khaki shorts, Gage wore a short-sleeve yellow collared shirt with maroon khaki shorts and Julie wore the same clothes that she wore in Picture This!.
  • In The Best of Barney,