bvccTemplate:Season Season 2 of Barney & Friends aired from September 27, 1993 to October 20, 1993.




Season 2 CastEdit


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Guest AppearancesEdit


  • This season marks:
  • The Playground got a slight redesign this season, as there are no swings and no huge platform (instead opting for a smaller jungle gym) like in Season 1. The classroom was also redesigned, looking nothing like it did in the first season.
  • David never appeared with Julie, Tina, Michael, or Derek in an episode.
  • A new Barney doll is used for this season. This Barney doll marks the very first time it has yellow toes since A Day at the Beach. It would later be used again in Season 3.
  • Barney's voice becomes higher than his Season 1 and Backyard Gang voices. The costume also went through minor changes. This costume was actually used in Barney's Magical Musical Adventure.
  • The Baby Bop costume becomes shorter to represent her age.
  • The Barney Bag also received a redesign (looking nothing like its Season 1 counterpart), which went on from this season up to Season 6.
  • Like subsequent seasons afterward, with the exception of Season 8, the opening sequence is totally reshot and re-edited. However, the closing shot of the [[Season 1 Barney doll on the tire swing remains mostly the same, with a minor re-edit done to the "twinkle" in Barney's eye.
  • Shawn starts wearing glasses this season.
  • The walking animation in the intro is the same as in the previous season but the slide is fast.
  • This season began production in March 1993 and wrapped in August 1993.
  • Stop, Look and Be Safe! is the only Barney & Friends Season 2 episode where BJ appears where his sister Baby Bop doesn't appear. BJ continues to appear where his sister Baby Bop doesn't appear happen all the time, starting with "I Can Be a Firefighter!".
  • Having Tens of Fun! is also the only Barney & Friends Season 2 episode where a 3 years old Baby Bop appears where her brother BJ doesn't appear. a 3 years old Baby Bop continues to appear where her brother BJ doesn't appear happen all the time, starting with "Shopping for a Surprise!".

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