John David Bennett II played Shawn on Barney and Friends from 1992 to 1995. During the series season 2, Shawn began to wear glasses.

Shawn FactsEdit

  • His first appearance was in the episode "The Queen of Make-Believe" in 1992.
  • His last TV appearance was in the episode "Up We Go" in 1995.
  • Shawn also appeared in a few videos from Barney and Friends Classic Collection in 1996.
  • He likes to build things.
  • His best friend is Min.
  • In the second season, Shawn began to wear glasses.
  • His last appearance was in the home video Feel With Me (1997).
  • Shawn made a cameo appearance in Sports Day (1992).
  • Shawn only appeared in the US opening and closing of Barney's Big Musical Movie with Kathy and Tosha.

Galery Edit

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