They're going to fancy dance all over the egg. Barney when he watchs the band stepping over the egg.
The marching band

The marchers as they march to the egg

The marching band is only in the film Barney's Great Adventure. They get their own show

Marching Band Live In New York City.


Barney (Body: David Joyner, Voice: Bob West) BJ (Body: Jeff Brooks, Voice: Patty Wirtz) Keesha (Mera Baker) Jeff (Austin Ball) Jill (Lana Whittington) Curtis (Monte" Black) Kim (Erica Rhodes) Robert (Angel Velasco) Danny (Jeffrey Hood) Sean Abel (as Himself) Miss Etta Kette (Brice Armstrong) Scooter McNutty (Todd Duffy) Tom Cat (William Hanna) Jerry Mouse & Toots Cat (Sara Berner)


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