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Jessica Zucha playing "Tina"

In 1987 Jessica Zucha auditioned in Dallas for a role on Barney and Friends.

Much to her surprise, she landed the part at the age of 10 to play Tina for 8 years. In 1995, she went back to Houston, Texas and returned to her public school.

Memories of being on Barney and FriendsEdit

Her fondest memories of "Barney and the Backyard Gang are:

  • Celebrating her 10th birthday with the cast and crew during a lunch break.
  • When Brian Eppes (Michael) played with her Baby Alive toys.
  • When Leah Gloria (Luci) and Lauren King (Kathy) brought her to a Mexican restaurant for her birthday dinner.

She is somewhat active in many activities. Which keeps her very busy. While in High School she was involved in "Student Council, National Thespian Society" and the "Dance Team". When not in school, she played the role of Jan in a summer production of "Grease", and spent alot of time with her little brother.


  • Talking on the phone and spending time, with friends
  • Driving her new car which was a "Honda Civic"
  • Reading Novels and especially works by William Shakespeare and ride horses and singing
  • Her plans for the future are to attend college and receive a degree in Theatre Arts. I will also pursue a degree in law specializing inlitigation.


"A winner never quits and a quitter never wins"

Tina Facts:Edit

  • Her first appearance in the TV series was in the episode "The Queen of Make Believe last appearance waiting for santa backYard gang
  • She is an original member of Barney's Backyard Gang
  • Her big sister is Luci and her other sister is Jillian and five brothers and fours sisters and three sisters and two older brothers and three sisters Trina and Trish and Tasha and three brothers Albert and Allen and Allan

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